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Welcome to Softcad World, your premier destination for comprehensive training in CAD, CAE, CFD, and BIM. Established in 2008, we have consistently empowered aspiring engineers and architects, shaping them into industry-ready professionals.


 Our Visionary Founder
Softcad World was founded by Shantiswarup Mahapatra, a dynamic and multi-talented individual who stands as a beacon of inspiration in the education and entrepreneurial landscape. With over 17 years of experience, Shantiswarup is not just a seasoned engineer and design consultant but also a recognized youth icon and entrepreneur. Awarded multiple times by the State Government of Odisha as a Youth Innovator, Shantiswarup Mahapatra has been a driving force behind the youth's innovation and progress in the region.

A Trailblazer in Digital Excellence

Felicitated as a Digital Trailblazer by the India Today Group, Shantiswarup Mahapatra has demonstrated unparalleled leadership in leveraging technology for education and innovation. This commitment has positioned Softcad World as a pioneer in the digital learning space.

Shaping Design Expertise from the Ground Up

Shantiswarup Mahapatra's journey began at the National Aluminium Company Ltd as a CAD Engineer at its Smelter Plant in Angul, Odisha. Here, he became accustomed to the intricate process of reverse engineering, honing his skills in bringing innovative design solutions to complex challenges.

Foundations at Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET)

Further solidifying his foundation, Shantiswarup served at the Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET) as a CAD Trainer cum Project Engineer. This experience not only imparted valuable knowledge to aspiring engineers but also contributed to real-world projects.

Pioneering Contributions to Telecom Infrastructure

A major milestone in Shantiswarup Mahapatra's career involved playing a pivotal role in the initial telecom boom in India. As a freelance engineer, he collaborated with mobile tower companies, providing CAD-based site layouts, elevations, and tower structural drawings, including foundation details. His contributions were instrumental in the development of almost 3500 sites in Odisha, supporting telecom giants such as Vodafone, Idea Cellular, and Airtel.

Design Experiences with Leading Companies

  • GeometricPLM (Part of HCL Technologies): Contributed to innovative design solutions.
  • Essel Mining (Aditya Birla Group): Applied design expertise in the mining industry.
  • National Aluminium Company Ltd (Govt of India Navratna PSU): Played a crucial role in design projects.
  • IREL (India) Ltd (A Govt. of India Miniratna Company): Contributed to design projects in the mining and mineral sector.
  • PUMA India: Applied design skills in the dynamic field of sports and lifestyle.
  • Indian Railways: Involved in design projects within the railway sector.
  • Indian Oil Corporation: Contributed design expertise to projects in the oil and gas industry.
  • L&T: Applied design skills in collaboration with Larsen & Toubro

Transition to Hybrid Learning: Flexibility Redefined

Softcad World has evolved with the times, transitioning from a traditional classroom-based training center to a hybrid training provider. Recognizing the changing needs of students and the potential of technology, we seamlessly offer online, offline, and hybrid modes of training, providing a tailored learning experience

"Key Features of Our Hybrid Training"

Online Learning

Access courses from the comfort of your home or any preferred location. Our online modules provide flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

Offline Classroom Sessions:

For those who prefer a more traditional learning environment, we continue to offer offline classroom sessions. Engage in face-to-face interactions with our experienced trainers and fellow students

Hybrid Mode

Seamlessly blending online and offline components, our hybrid mode offers the best of both worlds. Benefit from the flexibility of online learning while enjoying the collaborative aspects of classroom sessions.

Seamless Learning Experience

Seamlessly blending online and offline components, our hybrid mode offers the best of both worlds. Benefit from the flexibility of online learning while enjoying the collaborative aspects of classroom sessions.

Bhubaneswar: The Ideal Destination​ for Technical Education

Situated in the heart of Odisha, Bhubaneswar has emerged as the preferred choice for technical students and professionals. The city's appeal lies in:

  • Proximity to Major Industrial Hubs: Bhubaneswar's strategic location offers easy access to major industrial hubs, providing students with practical exposure and potential job opportunities.
  • Presence of Leading Global IT Giants: The city hosts leading global IT companies, opening avenues for technology enthusiasts to engage with cutting-edge advancements in the field.
  • Student-Friendly Environment: Bhubaneswar boasts a vibrant and student-friendly atmosphere, with numerous educational institutions creating a conducive learning environment.
  • Connectivity to Major Airports, Railway Stations, and ISBT: Excellent connectivity to major airports, railway stations, and the Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT) facilitates hassle-free travel for students.
  • Nearby Tourist Attractions: Beyond academics, Bhubaneswar offers proximity to cultural and historical landmarks, providing students with a well-rounded experience.
  • Upcoming Job Opportunities: The city's growing economy and development projects contribute to a surge in job opportunities, making it an attractive destination for career growth.
  • Lower Cost of Living: Bhubaneswar offers a comparatively lower cost of living, allowing students to focus on their education without financial stress.
  • Smarter Transport Options: The city is embracing smarter transport options, including upcoming metro rail services, ensuring seamless connectivity within the city.
  • High-Quality Affordable Education in Eastern India: Softcad World stands as a testament to Bhubaneswar's commitment to high-quality yet affordable education. The city's inclusive environment ensures that language barriers are minimized, welcoming students from diverse backgrounds.

Social Media Presence

"Our success story extends to social media, where Softcad World has cultivated a community of over 7500+ followers on its Facebook page. These followers have not only engaged actively but have also reviewed Softcad World with more than 4.5 stars, serving as valuable testimonials to the institute's popularity and success among the student community in Odisha."


13000+ Students

Softcad World has successfully trained over 13,000 students and working professionals, imparting them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic fields of CAD, CAE, CFD, and BIM.



Success and Re​cognition

"​Softcad World takes pride in being recognized and rated highly by the student community and the industry. In popular local searches and leading classifieds such as Google Business, Justdial, and Sulekha, Softcad World has consistently maintained​ a rating above 4.5 stars. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to quality education, practical training, and student satisfaction."



Simplified Course Structure: Tailored for Success

  • Flexible Learning Path: Choose your starting point and progress at your own pace. Our courses are designed to accommodate students from various backgrounds, ensuring a smooth learning journey.
  • Foundational Modules: Build a solid foundation with basic modules covering essential concepts. These modules are tailored to provide a gentle introduction to the world of CAD, CAE, CFD, and BIM.
  • Progressive Complexity: As you gain confidence and skills, move on to more advanced modules that delve into complex design challenges. Our curriculum evolves with your learning curve.
  • Hands-On Projects: Reinforce your learning through hands-on projects that simulate real-world scenarios. Apply your knowledge to practical situations, preparing you for the demands of the industry.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Softcad World's courses are crafted to ensure that students are not only well-versed in theoretical concepts but are also equipped with the practical skills demanded by the industry.

 Eight-Week Courses

Softcad World offers programs ranging from just three weeks to a full eight weeks. This flexibility allows students to choose the duration that best suits their needs and schedule. Whether you are looking for a quick upskilling or a more comprehensive learning experience, we have tailored programs to meet your goals.

Affordable Education

At Softcad World, we believe in making quality education accessible to all. Our courses are easy on any student's pocket, with fees starting from just ₹3300. We take pride in being the most affordable CAD CAE CFD & BIM training centre in the city, ensuring that high-quality education is within reach for everyone.

Experienced Training Team

Softcad World boasts the most experienced training team in the region. Led by Shantiswarup Mahapatra, our team is dedicated to providing not just education but a transformative learning experience. With a focus on practical, hands-on training, our team ensures that students are not just prepared for the industry but excel in it.

Experienced Training Team

Softcad World has played a pivotal role in promoting computer-aided design courses by actively engaging with leading engineering institutions in the state. Recognizing the importance of design skills in the evolving industrial landscape, we have urged institutions to encourage their students to embrace design courses during their academic careers.

Advantages of Early Exposure to Design

Join Us on the Journey

Whether you are a student aspiring to kickstart your career or a working professional looking to upskill, Softcad World welcomes you to join us on this journey of knowledge and innovation. Explore our courses and take the first step towards a rewarding future in the world of CAD, CAE, CFD, and BIM.
Thank you for choosing Softcad World, founded by Shantiswarup Mahapatra, where education meets excellence, shaped by years of hands-on experience, visionary contributions, and a commitment to accessible education.